OG-Cube Photoelectrics Now Include AC Models

Product Announcement from ifm efector inc.

OG-Cube Photoelectrics Now Include AC Models-Image

ifm has expanded its line of OG Cube photoelectric sensors to include a family of AC voltage sensors. Robust OG photoelectrics are designed to provide reliable position detection in harsh industrial applications. The sensor's metal housing is more durable than plastic housings that can wear or break over time. Metal M18 mounting threads will not strip - eliminating a common problem with plastic threads.

ifm's new AC models offer:
• Double insulation that eliminates the need for grounding wire.
• Reduces the total number of wires required for a system.
• Allows easy and direct connection to devices in the field.
• Background suppression technology in a 2-wire device.
• Reduces the total cost of installation.

High performance background suppression

The OG-Cube background suppression sensor uses diode array technology that enables the sensor to differentiate between the target and the background regardless of background color. In addition, changes in target color have minimal impact in sensing range.

Long-range polarized retro-reflective

To avoid false triggers caused by reflections from shiny or highly reflective targets, the OG retro-reflective models contain a polarizing filter to provide reliable position detection. Long sensing range polarization retro-reflective sensors offer outstanding performance with long sensing ranges. The OG-Cube has a 4 meter range with a 50 mm reflector.

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