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The PG Series pressure transmitter is mounted in-line to provide quick, highly visible indication of process conditions in sanitary and industrial automation applications. The flush mount, stainless steel design offers high precision (0.2%) indication of pressure values.

Ceramic cell technology
Ceramic cell sensing technology provides long-term reliability and high precision (0.2%) indication of pressure values. Excellent stability and overload protection is achieved through the transmitter's ceramic cell sensing technology.

3-in-1 Unit
The PG is a transmitter and a switch with the advantages of a gauge display.

Gauge display
Large gauge display indicates the current operating pressure relative to the overall range of the unit.

Pointer offers smooth indication of process condition
Quick reference pointer does not require damping liquid and is driven by an integrated stepper motor that eliminates the typical shaking that occurs with mechanical pointers.

Simple pushbutton setup
Two optical pushbuttons establish application parameters, setpoint and resetpoint. Touch-screen surface eliminates pushbutton cavities and prevents liquid ingress.

4-digit LED display
Numeric display indicates system pressure and set-up menu items such as analog scaling, display units, switch point.

Rotatable display
Entire display rotates 350° for optimal visibility. Ergonomic indentations on face aid in turning display.

Reliable with high precision
Long-term stability, excellent overload protection and high resistance to shock and vibration.

Great price/performance value
Starting list price for the PG Series transmitters is $395.00 (U.S).

PG Pressure Transmitter for Industrial AutomationPG Pressure Transmitter for Sanitary Applications

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