PK Series Pressure Switch

Product Announcement from ifm efector inc.

PK Series Pressure Switch-Image

ifm's line of electronic pressure switches offer high performance and simple setup in a compact 72mm long housing. The PK Series pressure switch is designed for use in hydraulic and pneumatic applications and has no moving parts that can wear or break over time. The switch features a 316 stainless steel process connection. Its welded, gas-tight measuring cell reliably detects gas and liquid pressure up to 5800 psi (40 bar) and is capable of more than 50 million switching cycles without drift.

The switch's compact design offers space-saving mounting. Two mechanical setup dials rotate to quickly establish the setpoint and resetpoint that can be adjusted without system pressure and supply voltage. The switch's high accuracy and long-term stability insure that the setpoint does not drift and calibration is not required. A locking device prevents unintentional setpoint changes, and two LEDs provide operation and switching status indication. Electrical connection is achieved with an industry standard Micro DC connector.

The switch features an adjustable hysteresis of 2 to 90% of full scale making the unit an optimal solution for the control of accumulator charging applications. Setpoint range is 5 to 100% of full scale, and resetpoint range is 3 to 98% of full scale. PK pressure switches are 3-wire PNP DC units available in 1/4" NPT or G-1/4 BSPP port sizes.

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