Reliable solution for long-range object detection

Product Announcement from ifm efector inc.

Reliable solution for long-range object detection-Image

Background suppression sensor with 10-meter sensing range

The efector PMD laser sensor features a 10-meter sensing range for non-contact distance measurement. The long-range background suppression sensor can be mounted farther away from an application - and the elements - to accurately detect a small part. The sensor incorporates reliable time-of-flight sensing technology. Features include pushbutton setup, a large 4-digit display and multiple setpoints for application versatility. 

Distance measurement with efector PMD:

  • Non-contact distance measurement with 10-meter range
  • Reliable time-of-flight technology
  • PMD Smart Pixel with integrated signal evaluation
  • Simple pushbutton setup establishes parameters
  • 4-digit numeric display indicates measured distance
  • Class I and Class II laser options
  • Multiple setpoints: single switching, dual switching or switching and analog outputs
  • Robust and compact metal housing for industrial applications

High performance at a great value. Background suppression and ultrasonic sensors are lower-cost alternatives for distance measurement, but have shorter ranges. Traditional time-of-flight systems offer an improved level of performance but are much higher in cost. The efector PMD sensor combines the advantages of these systems: a 10 meter range at a great value.

Solves a broad range of applications:

• Long-range background suppression. The harsh effects of manufacturing conditions such as weld slag and chemicals often prevent optical sensors from being used in error-proofing applications. The efector PMD laser sensor with background suppression can be placed farther away from the application - and the elements - to accurately detect a small part such as a nut on a car door panel.

Dual switch points for application flexibility. To monitor the position of an object in a continuous process - such as web tension monitoring - the sensor can be programmed to provide two separate outputs that will activate at preset distances.

Absolute distance measurement. The efector PMD provides an analog signal (4...20 mA) that is proportional to the object-to-sensor distance. The analog output can be scaled to fit a variety of applications including automated storage and retrieval systems.

Award-winning PMD technology

The efector PMD laser sensor is a recipient of the prestigious Hermes Award for product innovation and breakthrough technology. The sensing technology is based on the "time-of-flight" principle. The time it takes the transmitted light from the sensor to travel to the object and back to the sensor is directly proportional to the distance traveled.

This innovative design by ifm offers maximum performance in a compact, industrially compatible housing - at a fraction of the price of traditional systems.