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Vision Sensors for Inspection, Error-proofing-Image

ifm's efector dualis Vision Sensor can solve a variety of inspection and error-proofing applications throughout the manufacturing process.

Proven success in solving a broad range of applications

The compact CMOS image sensor provides reliable performance in production control. Components are reliably detected and precisely evaluated with the sensor's fast image capture and processing algorithms. The sensor's Ethernet process interface allows quick adjustment to an application. Applications include: Contour matching, sortation, verification, part / no part, orientation, object character verification, recipe and measurement. These are just a few examples:

Industry: Assembly Automation - Verify correct orientation of cap
Description: To determine the correct orientation of a housing cap, its circular contour is matched. If the cap is installed upside down, it will damage the next installed component.

Industry: Automotive - Identify correct piston rods
Description: Verifying the difference between two types of piston connecting rods can be achieved by programming two contour styles in the sensor's field of view.

Industry: Automotive - Identify the correct orientation of a symbol
Description: Small components can easily rotate in the wrong position during the assembly process. The efector dualis sensor can quickly verify the correct orientation of locking symbols on a car door.

Industry: Food - Identify cap on top of spray can
Description: Identifying missing components is performed manually at the plant. By automating this process with the efector dualis vision sensor, spray caps are verified leading to efficiency and cost savings.

Industry: Stamping - Verify correct position of punch-out on a steel rod
Description: Verifying the correct punch-out position is imperative to the process. If left undetected, an improper crimp or punch-out position on a steel rod would lead to scrap metal. The efector dualis vision sensor detects the incorrect part by comparing the punch-out contours.

The power of a vision system with the simplicity of a sensor

The efector dualis vision sensor provides the simplicity of a standard sensor and the high performance of a vision system. efector dualis eliminates the need for added maintenance, complex wiring, multiple brackets and time consuming installation.

Reliable functionality with a new benchmark for performance and value

• 100% inspection testing throughout the assembly automation process.

• All-in-one robust design includes an image sensor, evaluation electronics and integrated infrared LED lighting.

• Powerful intelligence and 640x480 resolution are driven by a smart algorithm.

• Fast image capture. Objects in fast-moving processes are detected and evaluated - regardless of orientation.

• Integrated lighting provides the correct amount of image brightness at various ranges.

• 128 MB RAM enables teaching up to 32 applications.

• Easy setup using Setup Wizard that quickly establishes application parameters in a few simple steps.

• Flexible connection: Supports Allen Bradley's Ethernet IP and standard Ethernet TCP products.

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