Microsoft Office 365

Product Announcement from inKumo Incorporated

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Microsoft Office 365

Top Business Drivers

Productivity Out of the Box
Office 365 has a familiar look and feel, and great integration with desktop Microsoft Office. New features share a common look and feel for easy adoption. Unique features like Lync and SharePoint improve collaboration, reducing rework, duplicate research, and travel costs.

Flexible Pricing
Buy just what you need. Starting at $6 per month per user, Office 365 is an inexpensive way to provide your company's email and collaboration products. Higher level plans cost more, but provide significant features and benefits.

Why buy Office 365 via inKumo?
With inKumo, you get extra peace of mind and potential cost savings. As a Microsoft Partner, inKumo cancustomize your subscription to accommodate existing licenses and advise you on the right mix of Office 365 license types.

Product Details

Office 365 bundles Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint and Lync (formerly known as OCS) into a cloud solution. It integrates with mobile platforms including iPhone and Windows Phone 7. It many earlier platforms, as well as today’s leading IT products. It works with Mac OS X. In straight forward IT environments it is easy to set up a SMB enterprise productivity and collaboration infrastructure.