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Modular components from the MB Building Kit System provide a wide variety of solutions for enclosure and guard systems.

MB Enclosure and guard system elements cover a broad spectrum of frames and frame constructions to prevent unauthorised access by personnel to an ongoing production process or contact with moving components. They also prevent unauthorised access to products etc.

Enclosures and guards are constructed from system elements of various product groups. By combining basic elements, floor elements and, in particular, elements for rigid and movable panel fasteners or panel elements themselves, it is possible to create enclosure and guard systems which comply with relevant safety standards and can also be customised to the user's specific needs.

A whole range of components facilitate the process of connecting panels to frame structures, constructing lifting, sliding and swing doors and providing electrical security for these doors. The complete compatibility of the products in the MB Building Kit System is reflected in the functionality of the actual handling system merging seamlessly with the enclosure and guard function.

Machine safety systems employ the profiles of the machine base as support for the panels and frames which are either fixed or suspended or are attached by normal or heavy-duty hinges.

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