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New PURA High Purity Gas Dewpoint Transmitter

Product Announcement from The Kahn Companies

New PURA High Purity Gas Dewpoint Transmitter-Image

Kahn Instruments, a leading manufacturer of advanced moisture-measurement instrumentation, is proud to announce the new Pura High Purity Gas Dewpoint Transmitter. The Pura is a highly accurate, fast responding dewpoint transmitter, which incorporates the Kahn Advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor, and is equipped with VCR fittings for measurement of dewpoint in high purity and ultra high purity gases. Developed for and tested by the semiconductor industry, the Pura provides minimum flow path, reduced internal surface area and contains no unnecessary sampling volume.

The Pura Transmitter is available in three models:

· Pura Premium which includes integral stainless steel sensor block with ¼" VCR gas connections and double-bagged to Class 100 clean room standards

· Pura OEM, same as Pura Premium, except single-bagged

· Pura Sensor, same as Pura OEM, except without the flow through sensor block and including an integral ½" VCR gas connection

The Pura Transmitter has a dewpoint measurement range of -184 to -40°F (less than 1 Part per Billion) and an accuracy to ±1.8°F – the most accurate high purity gas capacitive dewpoint transmitter available. The instrument also features a field adjustable 4-20 mA linear, analog output proportional to dewpoint, optional RS485 output, resettable failure modes for Over Range, Under Range and Sensor Fault conditions, and temperature compensation. An optional digital display provides local or remote indication of trace moisture measurements.

The simple, easy to install, and economical Pura High Purity Gas Dewpoint Transmitter eliminates the need for complex moisture analyzers and expensive analytical techniques and simplifies the historically difficult task of trace moisture measurement in high purity gas applications.