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Kahn offers two optical (chilled mirror) hygrometer products, Dewmet and Series 4000, to meet the requirements of a broad range of dew point measurement applications. Each product is available in a variety of models to suit the user's specific needs. Kahn's 20 years of experience in chilled mirror technology has produced extremely sensitive (parts per billion), accurate and drift-free instrumentation for measurement of gas dew point. All Kahn hygrometers offer measurement trace ability to national and international standards.

Models S4000 Integral

_ Lightweight with measurement range to -60°C

_ Dual display: °F or °C dew point and PPM or %RH

S4000 Remote

_ Remote sensor in a compact housing

_ Climatic version: dew points to +85°C


_ Temperature-controlled sensor body for dew point measurements to -85°C (230 ppb)


_ Temperature-controlled sensor body for dew point measurements to -100°C (13 ppb)

The Series 4000 Hygrometer family features the most accurate and versatile optical hygrometers available in the marketplace today. Key features include:

Series 4000

_ Dew point measurements from -100°C to +85°C

_ Accuracy of ±0.1°C

_ Resolution of ±0.1°C

_ 3-Stage Peltier cooling

_ Automatic contamination compensation

_ Current, voltage and RS232 digital outputs

_ Dual optics detection system

_ Stainless steel gas-wetted parts

_ Precision platinum resistance thermometer

_ Microscope to monitor condensation on mirror

_ Optional pressure compensation

_ Built-in data hold function

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