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ROTEX ZS-DKM-H Drop-out Center Design Coupling-Image

Our target is to offer the ROTEX® ZS-DKM-H not only to solve this type of problem but we want to focus on our standard range of couplings where you mainly find single-cardanic couplings.

The ROTEX® ZS-DKM-H can also be used in more demanding applications in areas other than pump applications. The known advantages of this innovative coupling system are listed below:

• High shaft displacements are compensated for through the double-cardanic design.

• The coupling remains torsionally symmetrical in case of high shaft displacements resulting to a low unbalance.

• Low restoring forces in comparison with single-cardanic couplings; Adjacent components like seals and bearings are prevented from damage increasing the total lifetime of the machine.

• Reduced vibration and noise

• The alignment of engine and pump is simplified or even not required

• The machining tolerances of the base plates do not need to be 100% accurate.

• A checking of elastomer and spider is possible without disassembling the coupling.

• The split hubs allow for a fast and simplified assembly (via 4 screws).

• Numerous different elastomers (spiders) enable an optimal adjustment to the total drive.

• The coupling is explosion protection certified and approved according to ATEX 94/9/EC

• Basic range with finish bored hubs in stock

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