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  • Strain gauge amplifier for signal conditioning of load cells
  • Bridge excitation of 10V DC with drive for 4 load cells
  • Selectable bandwidth of 1 to 5000 Hz for test & measurement applications
  • Selectable sensitivity 0.1 to 30 mV/V using switches & potentiometer
  • Switch selectable offset ±70% FS using switches and fine trim potentiometer
  • User selectable analogue output in standard voltage or current format
The SGA Strain Gauge Amplifier is a high performance signal conditioner for single or multiple strain gauge bridge sensors such as load, force, pressure and torque. The SGA offers a wide bandwidth and a wide input signal range. The device can be powered from AC or DC supplies providing excitation for up to 4 x 350 ohm strain gauge bridges. The conditioned output signal can be selected from 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V, ±5V or ±10V. Options include. Isolated DC supply, DIN rail mount and OEM module.
The SGA Strain Gauge Amplifier is supplied in a waterproof IP65 NEMA4 bulkhead mountable case and is available with AC or DC power supply options. Robust and fully CE compliant.
For a digital version with set point relays, communications and display options please see our Load Cell Amplifier Model LCA15.

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