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PBS-4100R Test Cell Vibration & Balancing System

Product Announcement from MTI Instruments Inc.

PBS-4100R Test Cell Vibration & Balancing System-Image

The PBS-4100R is a complete aircraft engine vibration analysis system in a single package. Designed for engine test cells, this system includes everything required for vibration data collection and analysis including tachometer signal conditioning circuitry.

Use the PBS-4100R to quickly analyze transient and steady state vibration signals from aircraft engines at all power settings. A unique dual Pentium architecture ensures that all critical engine data is quickly and accurately collected. Vibration surveys, frequency spectrums, and even oscilloscope displays can be acquired using the PBS-4100R. When needed, this system will trim balance these engines quickly and easily. Both single and two-plane balancing capability is included. All acquired engine data is available for real-time transfer to your test cell host computer via an Ethernet CAT5 interface.

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