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PBS-4100 Portable Vibration & Balancing System

Product Announcement from MTI Instruments Inc.

PBS-4100 Portable Vibration & Balancing System-Image

Fast, accurate balancing

When an engine has a vibration problem, you want to fix it fast. Traditional methods require multiple engine runs, consuming much time and many gallons of fuel. Other "automated" balancing systems require you to manually enter datapoints into a computer, or to guess at which balance weights to use to satisfy a theoretical solution.

Only the PBS-4100 automatically collects and records the vibration data, calculates a precise balance solution, and determines the specific balance weights required - and all in one shot, after only one engine run. The high-resolution screen displays a diagram of the engine balance flange, and shows the sizes, part numbers, and hole locations of weights to be installed. The process is so simple that time and fuel required for balancing are typically reduced by up to 80 percent. And the balance solution is more accurate than you can obtain consistently by any other method.

Perhaps best of all, the PBS-4100 works on all engines. Simply select the engine type from an on-screen menu and the PBS-4100 automatically customizes its screen displays and recalls data files for that type. And new engine types can be added at any time, so your PBS-4100 grows with your needs.

The PBS-4100 is often able to balance engines ruled "unbalanceable" by other methods, saving the cost of engine removal and teardown.

The latest PBS-4100 sets a new standard in aircraft engine maintenance. Whether you work on the flight line or in a test cell, whether your interest is in doing the fastest possible "one-shot" balance or in doing advanced vibration diagnostics, the PBS-4100 is the one system that does it all.

In use at major airlines worldwide since 1986, MTI's line of portable balancing systems are recommended equipment for maintenance of engines built by all major manufacturers. Simple to use and supported by a full selection of accessories, this equipment has demonstrated its ability to save time, fuel, and engine overhauls.

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