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The 1510A Precision Signal Source features dual-channel Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) that produces high accuracy signals over a wide amplitude and frequency range in a compact, portable device. It features both voltage and charge (pC) signals to simulate a variety of transducers and sensors. With multiple wave shapes, adjustable frequency, amplitude and phase, a sweep function, and 40 memory locations, it's the ideal tool for all your test and calibration needs. The 1510A signal generator also includes a new low-voltage bridge mode that generates 5-100,000┬ÁV, with closed-loop control, allowing accurate calibration of strain gage circuits and similar sensors.

High accuracy

- The 1510A signal generator provides voltage and frequency signals with better than 0.05% accuracy.
Dual signal synthesizers - The 1510A signal generator features two independent digital synthesizers for accurate and independent control of signals. Both channels can be synchronized in frequency at any ratio, phase-locked at any phase setting, and can be swept together over the full frequency range.
Voltage and charge outputs - The 1510A signal generator has a CHARGE signal mode for simulating the signals from accelerometers and other piezoelectric sensors, and a voltage signal mode for simulating signals from velocity and other voltage generating sensors.
Low Voltage Mode - The ultra-low voltage "Bridge Mode" generates microvolts to simulate strain gauges, pressure sensors and other bridge-type sensors.
Output wave shapes - The 1510A signal generator has the flexibility to generate SINE, SQUARE, TRIANGLE or SAWTOOTH waveforms for vibration signals. DC signals can be generated as an offset or as an independent output signal. The 2nd output channel can also generate single-cycle PULSE outputs and TTL outputs.
Portable - Small and rugged, the 1510A can be used in a laboratory, on a factory floor, on a flight-line, or in any industrial plant, indoors or outdoors.
True speed signals - The 1510A signal generator produces tachometer-generator speed signals, as well as odd-tooth (long and short tooth) signals for simulating all types of engine and machinery speed signals. It can also simulate signals from magnetic sensors, eddy-current sensors and optical tachometers.
JOG function - The 1510A signal generator allows users to slowly vary output signal parameters in any step size to aid in detecting "sweet spots" or finding critical signal values.
Automatic sweep function - The sweep function of the 1510A allows simulation of machinery startups and shutdowns, or for frequency response testing of data acquisition systems. Both channels can be synchronized and swept together.
Thermal Compensation - Imbedded thermal compensation compensates for changes in ambient temperature, maintaining accuracy in field conditions.
Rechargeable batteries - The 1510A signal generator operates for several hours on a single charge of its built-in NiMH batteries. Batteries are a standard size and can be easily changed. The 1510A can be taken and used anywhere.
Flexible programming - Up to 40 different channel configuration setups can be SAVED and RECALLED instantly to make test set-ups fast, easy, and repeatable.
Now - with USB - The built-in USB port allows remote control and programming of the 1510A signal generator, with the optional 1510A Support Software package. The USB port also allows calibration of the 1510A using an accurate 8.5 digital voltmeter, guided by the Calibration Wizard in the support software.

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