Product Announcement from Orange Research, Inc.

Low-cost Mini Differential Pressure Gauges-Image

Orange Research's low-cost miniature differential pressure gauges have a rugged construction and design that are particularly attractive to OEMs. Both piston and diaphragm sensor instruments are available in a number of configurations for liquids and gases.

Our 1002 series piston models are the lowest cost option for liquid applications. Though small, they are the favorites for OEM requirements and measure from 0-1 to 0-100 psid. Our 1020 series diaphragm models are more sensitive and measure from 0-25" H2O to 0-30 psid.

We offer an optional SPST or SPDT, hermetically sealed reed switch, where an output is required. Our DP switch models, with no dial, are also popular. A larger 2-inch dial with a graduated scale is available for higher resolution measurements. Also common are our optional green/yellow/red arcs. Or, you can specify our level measurement arcs where the red alarm condition is at the lower end of the scale.

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