Lubron® AE Self-Lubricating Bearings

Product Announcement from RBC Bearings

LUBRON® AE self-lubricating bearings are used in a variety of nuclear applications subject to medium-to-heavy loads and slow-to-medium speeds. LUBRON AE bearings are designed to minimize stresses resulting from differential thermal expansion and seismic activity, and have the capacity to resist high temperatures and exposure to irradiation. LUBRON AE's versatile properties provide maximum bearing life and maintenance-free operation in both dry and immersed environments.

LUBRON AE self-lubricating bearings have been widely used in nuclear applications for more than 30 years. Designed to provide low coefficient of friction and maintenance-free operation, LUBRON AE bearings offer maximum safety and long service life. LUBRON AE bearings are ideal for heavy loads, slow speeds and inaccessible locations, and are capable of withstanding high temperatures and irradiation without degradation in performance.