Spherco® Spherical and Rod End Bearings

Product Announcement from RBC Bearings

RBC offers a wide range of Spherco® rod end types and sizes including rod ends with brass race inserts in standard precision and high capacity designs; high strength two piece designs and self-lubricating rod ends with engineered thermoplastic races or Teflon liners with a wide range of optional features such as lubrication fittings, left hand threads, and keyway slots.

Spherco® uses a wide variety of designs and materials to offer a comprehensive line of spherical bearings. Standard Spherco® Spherical Bearing designs include steel on steel precision spherical bearings with brass race inserts, high capacity and self-lubricating spherical bearings with Teflon® liners. Amont the special bearings offerd is the BTS LS Series, a bellows-type bearing design