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New Silicon Designs Low-Noise MEMS Accelerometer Series Offers Industry Exclusive Survivability, Temperature and Performance Stability

Silicon Designs, Inc., ( a global industry leader in the design and manufacture of industrial-grade MEMS capacitive accelerometer chips and modules, has announced the global market introduction of its model 1521 surface mount accelerometer series. 

The distinguishing feature of this series is its extremely durable design, which incorporates Silicon Designs own proprietary MEMS chip development and fabrication, for an “industry best in class” MEMS variable capacitance accelerometer with up to 2,000 hours of measurement stability, in temperatures as high as +175°C, with 5,000 g shock survivability and zero signal degradation.

Expressly designed as a high-performance, pin-compatible drop-in replacement for the company’s best-selling model 1210 and 1221 series, the non-ferrous construction of the new Silicon Designs model 1521 series features a highly durable nitrogen-damped MEMS sensing element, housed within a miniature hermetically sealed gold ceramic 20-pin LCC or JLCC package. 

All Silicon Designs accelerometers feature a custom integrated circuit with onboard sending amplifier and differential output stage, with a 0.5 to 4.5V single-ended or ±4V differential output, proportional to the amount of measured acceleration.  Series units can respond to either DC or AC acceleration.  Each accelerometer is fully calibrated and traceable.

The model 1521 series is available in standard measuring ranges from ±2 g to ±200 g, with nominal frequency response from 0 to 400 Hz (±2 g) to 0 to 3000 Hz (±200 g). The Silicon Design 1521 series is also insensitive to temperature changes and gradients, with signal output unaffected by electromagnetic interference, and requiring no warm-up period. The ±2 g version of this series is further offered with 5 μg/ÖHz noise (typ.), in direct support of seismic and other low-frequency vibration measurements.

With its superior performance characteristics, the Silicon Designs model 1521 series offers  improved long-term measurement stability and repeatability, making it ideal for extended-use shock and vibration measurement applications, particularly within harsh environments.

Supported applications include:

  • Oil and Gas Downhole Monitoring
  • UAV Inertial Measurements
  • Tilt and Position Measurements for antennas, solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric spillway doors, and elevators
  • Civil Structure Seismic Monitoring
  • Industrial Vibration Monitoring and Analysis
  • Robotics
  • Machinery Control

Units are also now available in low-to-medium sized quantities for immediate customer shipment. Larger standard range quantities are available with three week lead times.

In addition, all orders received in 2013 are eligible to receive a free extended two-year comprehensive product line warranty. For more information about the model 1521 series, please contact Silicon Designs at +1.425.391.8329, via email at or visit

About Silicon Designs, Inc.

Based in Seattle, Washington, USA, Silicon Designs, Inc. ( specializes in industrial grade capacitive accelerometers with integrated amplification and an extremely rugged design. As the OEM of its own MEMS-based accelerometer chips and modules, SDI is able to ensure quality, offer custom design, and still keep prices highly competitive. SDI accelerometer models are available from 2 g to more than 20,000 g. Within the standard range (2 to 400 g), most of our accelerometers can continue in operation after sustained exposure of up to 10,000 g and limited temperature exposure to temperatures above +200°C. SDI's chips and modules are used in a wide range of equipment and applications, including crash event detection, missile launch, downhole vibration, automobile development, race car instrumentation, shipping monitoring, airplane flutter testing, turbine engine precession, and structural integrity monitoring of bridges, hydroelectric power generators, and wind farm turbines.

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