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Rope Stop Adjusts without Tools-Image

• Ideal for using rope in a product that requires adjustment and locating.

• Accommodates all standard size rope 1/4" - 1/2".

• Easily attach a variety of devices with the new removable cap.

• Patented design.

Stafford's SlipKnot™ is a fully adjustable plastic stop for braided or three-strand rope stop that requires no tools.

It is molded from weather-resistant ABS plastic and features a mechanism inside (patent pending) that holds a braided or three-strand rope with up to 200 lbs. power, depending upon application.

Easy to lock and unlock by using a twisting motion, this egg-shaped stop is ideal for maintaining tension or fixing a locator on a rope and is offered with a snap-on cap that lets users attach a wide variety of items.

Stafford's SlipKnot™ is more convenient than bolt-on type stops or manual knot tying.

Available in standard models for 1/4" through 1/2" rope, it comes in blue, bright yellow, and orange colors.

It is ideal for any OEM using rope in a product that requires adjustment and locating.

Stafford's SlipKnot™ is priced according to OEM quantity requirements and can be supplied to fit other rope sizes and in custom colors.

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