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DynAstat Pressure Transducer – Available with TEDS

Product Announcement from tecsis LP

DynAstat Pressure Transducer – Available with TEDS-Image

Versatile DynAstat Pressure Transducer - Now Available with TEDS

The DynAstat pressure transducer from tecsis LP is the best way to record high-frequency dynamic, and static pressure measurements using a single transducer. Now the DynAstat is available with an optional TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) module that is fully compatible with IEEE 1451.4.

The TEDS module, located inside the DynAstat transducer, will store setup and calibration data that are automatically downloaded upon connection to a compatible data acquisition system. This reduces the possibility for errors associated with manually inputting the setup data, and dramatically minimizes the time required to setup for a test. The IEEE 1451.4 standard has been adopted and is available on the most widely used data acquisition systems.

Dynastat Features:

· Measuring bandwidth DC to 100 KHz for most pressure ranges

· A single DynAstat transducer combines two measurements (static & dynamic)

· Easy to use analog input and millivolt output (4-wire)

· Eliminates need to correlate data from separate static and dynamic sources

· Single-wire digital signal for communicating with TEDS module

· Eliminates charge amplifiers required for dynamic piezo-electric transducers

· Reduces the cost of dynamic pressure testing (material and labor)


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