Cathodic Protection Welding Molds

Product Announcement from thermOweld®

Cathodic Protection Welding Molds-Image

Thermoweld brings another new convenience to the installer, this time for easier installations for cathodic protection. With the new patent-pending Cathodic Mold Magnetic Frame, the installer can choose to stand clear of the welding process on a pipe or surface, when used with the EZ Lite Remote. Yet another new reason why Thermoweld is called the Contractors Choice.

  • Designed for remote welding use with the thermOweld® EZ Lite Remote® ignition system
  • Strong, 55 lb. Magnet Holds Mold in Place and Prevents Leakage
  • Adjustable Height
  • Works on Both Cast Iron and Steel and can be Used to Weld to Both Pipe as well as Flat Surfaces
  • Available as accessory which is adaptable to any existing thermOweld® cathodic protection mold in the series Price Key 3 in your stock, on your truck or at the jobsite