Electrical remote welding of copper connections

Product Announcement from thermOweld®

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EZ-Lite Remote ®

New Industry Breakthrough for fast, easy installations

Thermoweld again innovates with the industry-breakthrough EZ Lite Remote system for electrical remote welding of copper cable connections. Fully backwards compatible and an easily portable system so that you can use existing molds and weldmetal in your stock, on your truck or at the jobsite.

Interchangeably use the EZ Lite Remote or a traditional flint igniter on the job at any time and by your decision. Complete freedom and flexibility are yours with Thermoweld's innovative and patented EZ Lite Remote!

thermOweld's EZ Lite Remote® is the latest technological advance for thermOweld® exothermic products and the entire industry! For over 50 years, thermOweld® has been developing and inventing products and practical solutions that have become "The Contractor's Choice" worldwide.

Use your existing thermOweld® EZ Lite® molds and weld metal you have today in your truck, at the jobsite or on your shelf !

With our patented EZ Lite Remote®, the contractor, installer and distributor has versatility and ease-of use in hand.

Features & Benefits:

  • Use your flint ignitor or the EZ Lite Remote® and never be stuck out on the job !
  • Have 100% confidence that you will get your connections done when you want !
  • Never worry about product obsolescence or dead inventory issues !
  • Get it all only from thermOweld® !
  • Reliable patent-pending ignitor - 100% guarantee to ignite.
  • No starting material needed.
  • Use with existing thermOweld EZ Lite® molds and weld metal.
  • Triple convenience features - EZ Lite® top light, side vent molds + remote option + famous standard
  • thermOweld® weld metal reliability.
  • Quick ignition - no waiting, no guessing.
  • Replaceable Alkaline "D" batteries available everywhere give 100's of connections.
  • Built-in Battery Life Indicator.
  • Separate On/Off and Operate buttons.
  • Standard six foot heat-resistant cord and connector, optional lengths available.
  • Same Day Service - industry-leading jobsite supply and support only from thermOweld®.

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