Martel LC-110H mA Calibrator with HART Diagnostics

Product Announcement from Martel Electronics Corporation

Martel LC-110H mA Calibrator with HART Diagnostics-Image

The LC-110H is not just another calibrator. The calibration world doesn't need just another. The LC-110H is a loop calibrator that includes true HART communications technology. It supports Universal and Common Practice commands that let the user…

· Read, display and store the full configuration data of any HART device.

· Adjust the Upper Range Value (URV) and Lower Range Value (LRV) of any HART device.

· Perform full analog output trim.

· Perform PV zero.

· Edit PV unit for most commonly used pressure and temperature devices.

· Edit tag, message, and descriptor fields.

· Using the optional BetaLOG HART software upload previously stored HART configuration data.

· Using the optional BetaLOG HART software log and upload up to 9800 data points from any HART device including the 4 PV values and the analog output.

Why is this important? Most technicians do not have access to this level of information using their normal tool kit. They need an expensive HART communicator or even more expensive HART compatible calibrator. On an everyday basis, they do not need this level of complexity or power.