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ANVER Corporation

ANVER Corp Announces New Vacuum Powered Lifter-Tilter With Manual Rotation for Tubing

Compact, Below the Hook End-Effector Ideal for Lifting, Tilting, and Rotating Non-Porous Cylinders

The new Vacuum Lifter-Tilter with Manual Rotation is being introduced by ANVER Corporation, a leader in vacuum handling technology. The below-the-hook ETL10M2-OCMR is light and compact allowi... Read more...

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DFT Inc.

The DFT® Model SCV® Check Valve is a corrosion resistant, dependable, versatile and economical spring-assisted, in-line check valve for a wide range of applications. The SCV® Check Valve provides tight shut-off and protects other equipment in the system... Read more...

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DFT Inc.

Choosing the right check valve is critical to a properly designed process system. The right check valve not only improves overall system reliability, it lowers maintenance costs in the long term. Hear about fundamental differences between many styles of check valves. Learn how to specify and size a check valve to ensure proper flow, increase efficiency, and reduce total cost of ownership. Read more...

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Hydro Dynamics, Inc.

Visit the Hydro Dynamics, Inc. booth #403 at

World Brewing Congress

August 13-17, 2016

Denver Colorado.

About Congress:

In an effort to build a global brewing network to disseminate and exchange important industry information and research, the American Society of Brewing Chemists and Master Brewers Association of the Americas, with... Read more...

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Hydro Dynamics, Inc.

With the proliferation of craft breweries the demand for hops and prices have increased. When The ShockWave Power™ cavitation technology is applied to the different brewing processes, combined with expertise in hop utilization, it allows brewers to produce beers with less hops and the same great flavors. The ShockWave technology harnesses the normally destructive power of cavitatio... Read more...

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Century Spring Corp.

If the spring needed for your application cannot be found in our inventory, we can fabricate it for you. Read more...

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Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

The Kentucky Gauge turnkey automatic saw system is specifically developed for high precision cutting of steel profiles, solids and tubes. Its superior performance and reliability ensures for a burr-free, milled finished on every cut.

Standalone pusher or stop system also avaible for any existing saw or cutter! Read more...

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Mars Metal Company

MarsMetal engineers and manufactures elevator test weight carts which are a critical component in the testing and certification of elevators by specialized elevator service and repair companies. Read more...

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Product Highlights:

  • Borehole Camera to Inspect Oil and Water Wells, Mine Shafts, Silo Towers, etc.
  • Camera Head – 45mm in Diameter, 610mm Long
  • Well-rounded Inspections: Dual Cameras, 360° Endless Rotation
  • No External Moving Parts on Camera Head
  • Super Bright LED Illumination (12+10 LED lights)
  • Tightly Sealed...

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Assured Automation

Assured Automation's FM Fire-Safe Thermal & Electro-Thermal ball & butterfly valve assemblies are FM approved for use in flammable liquid applications. The heat actuated, FM & UL listed thermal links automatically shut or open the valve at trigger temps. A removable handle allows the valve to be manually operated without affecting fusible link. Read more...

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