Data Connect Enterprise, Inc.

The Data Connect 5248A-DSG 48-Port ADSL2+ DSLAM-SFP is a 48-Port ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ mini IP DSLAM which equips with combo electrical (RJ-45) and fiber optical (SFP) uplink interfaces offering scalable and easy deployment for the network with small ADSL environment. With the built-in POTS splitter subscriber ports, the DCE 5248A-DSG performs a cost-effective solution. Read more...

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Megladon Manufacturing Group, Ltd.

“We were presented with an obstacle faced by one of our long time customers. They needed maximum channel count in a minimum amount of space.” stated John M Culbert, President & Partner of Megladon. “We were able to design a solid product that met their current needs, reduced cost and provided the ability to grow long term”. Read more...

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Moog Components Group

To exploit the full bandwidth of fiber, multiplexing combines many signals of various types - video, serial data, network data, control lines - onto one optical fiber. Moog Components Group has a wide range of Time Division Multiplexers (TDM)options that allow multiple electrical channels to be multiplexed onto one or more optical fibers. Read more...

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