ValueTronics International, Inc.

The Agilent HP 8753ES is one of ValueTronics refurbished Vector Network Analyzers that allows complete characterization of RF components in the 30 kHz to 3 GHz or Optional 6 GHz range.

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Electro Rent Corporation

Whether it's time to upgrade or you have a short-term network analyzer rental need, you can select from our vast inventory of network analyzers with flexible acquisition options. Today, network analyzers commonly measure s–parameters because reflection and transmission of electrical networks are easy to measure at high frequencies, but there are other network parameter sets such a... Read more...

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Data Device Corporation (DDC)

Bohemia, New York (April 2014) Data Device Corporation (DDC) now adds real-time data manipulation to the already feature packed ARINC 429 Data Bus Analyzer (DBA) avionics software. This powerful feature allows test engineers and system designers to extensively test and emulate avionics systems using simulated flight data that accurately emulates airborne conditions. Read more...

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