Data Connect Enterprise, Inc.

Data Connect offers a wide range of ethernet extension solutions. The2178HSEE is a high speed 100/100Mbps Ethernet extender for pushing etnernet over copper wires. The DCE 2178HSEE is designed with two core networking technology, Ethernet and the latest VDSL technology. Our technology offers the fastest transmission over existing copper telephone lines without the need of rewiring. Read more...

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The Velocitydvi System-3, -3R, -3 A/V+, -3 A/V Pro, and -3R A/V+ support one single link DVI display, full duplex stereo audio or
balanced audio, and serial (RS-232). Using multi-mode or single mode ber, these systems allow users to locate a DVI monitor
and peripherals from just a few meters up to 40 kilometers (24 miles) away from the controlling computer securely without the... Read more...

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