Convergence Instruments

The Vibration Data Logger VS RT64 is a new generation of smart dataloggers that can record acceleration, inclination, vibration and impacts. It includes a 3-axis +-16g MEMS accelerometer, an accurate date/time clock and a non-volatile 64 Mb recording memory. Depending on the settings it can record vibration signals and/or RMS levels for months. Its very small size allows it to be... Read more...

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Rotronic Instrument Corp.

ROTRONIC - Cold Chain Logger

The TL-CC1 cold chain logger is an ideal choice for monitoring and recording the temperature of sensitive goods during transportation and at exchange points. The TL-CC1 is perfect for pharmaceuticals, food and technical products. The logger is designed for single use only

  • Freely configurable by user – without software i...

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Electro Standards Laboratories

CellMite® Model 4329 Wireless Intelligent Digital Signal Conditioner
** Networks up to 8 Load Cell, Strain Gage, Bridge Transducer Devices and Transmit to Master CellMite and Laptop Computer**

  • Wireless Communication for up to 4 Miles!

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Fredericks Company - Televac

The Fredericks Company has a variety of electronics products based on our industry leading tilt sensors. These high-accuracy, microprocessor based electronics can range from printed circuit assemblies to fully integrated packages, as well as remotely mounted sensors and assemblies.

Our dual axis electronics are highly configurable and provide the user with an output signal proport... Read more...

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Dexter Research Center, Inc.

Dexter Research - Available in three amplifier gains: 300, 500 and 1,000, this PCB includes a LM20 temperature sensor and 1.25V voltage reference. Although sized for single channel TO-5 packages, this amplifier is electrically compatible with all Dexter Research Center detectors, providing convenient buffering and pre-amplification of thermopile signal. Read more...

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Gems Sensors & Controls

From standard Qwik Ship configurations to highly customized OEM solutions, Gems Sensors can meet tough reliability standards in extreme conditions, whether underwater, off-road, or in rugged process environments. Gems Sensors employs the latest technology and an uncompromising focus on detail. Read more...

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R. STAHL, Inc.

Houston - R. STAHL's 9719-type GSM/GPRS modem, which combines a robust design with state-of-the-art technology and easy installation, allows users to fully benefit from the advantages of GSM/GPRS data communication in zone 1 or 2 hazardous areas for the first time. Read more...

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tecsis LP

Model XPIH-1A from tecsis covers pressure ranges from 0-15,000 to 0-60,000 psi. XPIH-1A features a robust design, high accuracy, and a wide temperature range. Available with mV/V, 0-5V or 4-20 mA output and a variety of electrical terminations. Read more...

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tecsis LP

tecsis LP Model XPA-1U is a high precision pressure transducer with solid repeatability for pressure ranges from 0-100 to 0-10,000 psig/a. Standard output is 2mV/V with internal amplification optionally available. Operating temperature is -65° to +250°F, compensated at +60° to +160°F. Built for years of reliable service with welded construction and 17-4PH stainless... Read more...

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Electro Standards Laboratories

CellMite Model 4337 Digital Signal Conditioner for Strain Gage Sensors.

  • Auto sensor ID
  • 16 Character backlit LCD identifying display
  • Storage for 3 calibrated transucers
  • Addressable for serial network

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