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Sitron's HL840 submersible pressure transmitter is usually installed as a continuous level measurement device for clean water applications. The HL840 features a fully encapsulated electronic module and 316 S.S. piezoresistive cell, housed within a weatherproof cylindrical enclosure. The HL840 is hung from a polyurethane Kevlar lined cable. It does not have a housing... Read more...

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Sitron's - HL Series of Hydrostatic submersible Level Probes / transmitters are specifically designed for depth/level measurements in groundwater, deep wells, water towers, rivers, sewage treatment plants and other similar applications.

Sitron's Hydrostatic probes offering a great degree of flexibility, they can be constructed with 316S.S. rigid rods or with special... Read more...

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The SC404 is a Capacitive Continuous Level Measurement probe. The SC404 level transmitter is designed to continuously measure the level of liquid and some solids. The SC404 Continuous Level Probe features a built in (one-piece) electronic module that provides a 4-20mA output (2 wire) signal that is proportional to the level in the tank or vessel. Read more...

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Sitron's - SC120 capacitance continuous level probe controls and measures level along with the CN200 level transducer. Unlike the SC 404, the SC120 working with the CN200 transducer has two adjustable level controls (high/low level alarm)in a scale of 0-100% with a bar graph level indication, as well as a Zero and Span adjustment. Read more...

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SITRON`s New Programmable Digital Transmitter provides a solution for applications with difficult access or that need constant follow-up. The STD-P pressure or level transmitter features a housing with display and control buttons that rotates separately from the mechanical connection, ensuring that set-up and calibration are easily performed. Read more...

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Senix Corporation

The ToughSonic CHEM 20 is a chemically resistant ultrasonic sensor with a maximum range of 20 feet (6.1 meters). It is designed for applications where corrosive liquids or gasses are present, but it is an excellent choice for benign environments as well. Read more...

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ifm efector inc.

ifm’s new guided wave radar level sensor provides reliable level measurement for a variety of sanitary applications.

  • Washdown capable 316 stainless steel construction with IP69K rating
  • Top down mounting simplifies installation
  • Probe lengths up to 78” (2 meters)
  • Suitable for medium temperatures up to 302 °F

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Siemens Process Instrumentation

SITRANS LR250 is your first choice for liquid level measurement in storage and process vessels up to 20 meters (66 ft.). Read more...

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Keller America, Inc.

The LevelRat by Keller America is an affordable, non-fouling level transmitter specifically designed for applications that would foul a conventional level transmitter. The LevelRat is proudly built in the U.S with a short, 3-day lead time and includes guaranteed lightning protection. Read more...

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