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Information about acquisition of signals and waveforms, and processing of the signals to obtain desired information.
Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc.

Simplify your web tension measurement with iAmp2 amplifier modules. These miniature tension transducer signal amplifiers are powered by 24 volts DC and output a 0-10 Volt isolated signal proportional to tension. Now available with the extended range option and with a streamlined surface mount option. Read more...

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Knick USA

A wide range of measuring signals need to be galvanically isolated and converted into standard signals. Voltage to Current or Current to Voltage. Bipolar and Unipolar combinations. This applies to any input signals in the range ±20 mV to ±200 V and from ±0.1 mA to 100mA Read more...

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Dexter Research Center, Inc.

Dexter Research - Available in three amplifier gains: 300, 500 and 1,000, this PCB includes a LM20 temperature sensor and 1.25V voltage reference. Although sized for single channel TO-5 packages, this amplifier is electrically compatible with all Dexter Research Center detectors, providing convenient buffering and pre-amplification of thermopile signal. Read more...

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tecsis LP

At tecsis LP we can internally amplify any of our pressure or load transducers which are large enough to accommodate the electronics. Our proprietary electronics amplify the millivolt signal of any strain gauge sensor and deliver it to your data aquisition in the form of an analog, voltage, or current output. Read more...

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