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PEI-Genesis offers the Anderson Power Products 5 Position Mini PL SPEC Pak; an environmentally sealed IP-68 connector delivering up to 23 amps at 600V. This series can handle wires from 24 to 12 AWG. The APP 5 Position Mini PL is very rugged, offering a touch-safe, UV and flame-resistant shell to protect contacts from extreme conditions. This connector offers a manual release latch t... Read more...

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Altech Corp.

Altech now carries a large selection of Test & Measurement equipment. Altech is the exclusive supplier of the well known line of Hirschmann Test & Measurement in North America. Read more...

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Mouser Electronics, Inc.

Molex Ultra-Fit™ Power Connectors eliminate same-circuit-size cross mating and reduce terminal back-out occurrences. The space saving, low mating force, high density Ultra-Fit power connector has a 12A or 14A current rating, 3.5mm pitch, and is available with color keying options.
Molex Ultra-Fit Power Connectors offering the premium housing features of proven Mini-Fit® a... Read more...

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Quail Electronics

Quail Electronics, Inc.® is the leader in the manufacturing of custom cable designs and power cord construction. We can design Custom Power Connectors to fit your needs. You think it we make it! Read more...

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Lapp Group

EPIC® Pin & Sleeve connectors conform to IEC 60309-1 and -2, as well as UL 1682 and UL 1686 standards. They are designed to meet the power connectivity requirements for a wide variety of industrial applications. Read more...

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Phoenix Contact has expanded its M12 connector range for power transmission in industrial environments with S-coded flush-type connectors and cordsets rated to 16 A and 630 V. (Ratings are per IEC; UL 2237 is pending.) Standard S-coded connectors, rated to 12 A, are also available.

They have two positions and protective earth ground (2+PE). The panel-mount connectors are pre-assem... Read more...

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Mouser Electronics, Inc.

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the EdgeMate™ Power Connectors from Molex. These female edge connectors mate directly to a PC board (PCB) card fingers without a mating header. Molex EdgeMate power connectors offer a positive-lock design for very strong connector-to-PCB retention. A rugged locking mechanism secures to a hole in the PCB, allowing the mated assemblies to with... Read more...

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Lapp Group

The EPIC® ULYSSE series of interlocked switched-socket outlets are ideal for indoor and outdoor power service on/off control. These interlocked outlets can be mounted individually by using the integral mounting feet or as part of a multiple-unit distribution board assembly by utilizing the patented quick-mount support plate and a selection of wire connection junction boxes. Read more...

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Schaltbau GmbH

The new Schaltbau LV-HPC charging connectors are capable of carrying the full rated current load without exceeding the maximum temperature difference that is allowed to occur due to the charging process. The socket contacts of the high power connectors are designed such that the contacts can carry high currents without overheating. Read more...

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Memory Protection Devices, Inc.

Memory Protection Devices, offers a line of rugged 12 volt plugs for assembling with your own cables. Versions from 1 amp thru 15 amps are available to ship from stock. Many pre-assembled with cables of varying lengths also are available. Read more...

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