TT Electronics

TT Electronics launched a zero ohm link designed for making optional connections on printed circuit board assemblies. The LRZ0603 offers the most compact 6A zero ohm link available in a surface mount ceramic chip format.

With target markets in the automotive, industrial and instrumentation sectors, the link is aimed at designers of a wide range of products including power s... Read more...

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RCD Components, Inc.

Robustly construction featuring a ceramic core, enabling improved thermal transfer
and long term stability. Elements are protected by flame-retardant
molding for excellent environmental performance. Ideal for Transportation/Aerospace/Medical/Enviromental or any other application where surge is present. Read more...

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RS Components, Ltd.

RS has boosted its wide range of passive components by adding thousands of new introductions from Panasonic to enhance the breadth and scope of options for engineers. This extends RS's range of Panasonic passives to over 17,000 high-quality product lines.

These latest additions to RS include many popular, cost-effective lines from Panasonic, including power inductors and inductor... Read more...

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Keystone Electronics Corp.

New series of “true” Zero ohm high current SMT Jumpers designed to replace “Zero” ohm resistors, available from Keystone Electronics

Quickly & easily set-up, these new Jumpers are uniquely suited as true zero ohm resistor replacements. 3 resistor chip sizes are offered to simplify designs and footprint template compatibility: 0603 chip size, 0805 chip s... Read more...

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Ohmite Manufacturing Co.

Current Sensing Resistors are the newest and fastest growing products in the industry today. These surfacemount designs monitor the current in a circuit, and translate that into a voltage that can be easily measured and controlled. Read more...

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