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Electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution, plus energy exploration and facility construction.
Caterpillar Electric Power

Sun conditions at Tucson Proving Ground are ideal for solar power generation. Cat microgrid technologies can be customized to specific locations and needs. This technology is ideal for applications such as telecommunications towers, industrial facilities, mining installations, remote villages and islands, rural communities and off-grid sites. Read more...

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The GET turbine generator is an innovation that pays you back!

The GET green energy turbine can recover an even small residual energy from 5 to 20 kW and turns the recovered energy into income!

No matter if used on natural gas pipelines where the pressure is reduced to direct the gas into a regional net or if it is used during the cooling process of smelting t... Read more...

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Caterpillar Electric Power

Whether it's your job to keep a factory running, to light a city, unearth hidden resources, power the places that saves lives or distribute data, we know it's more than the job you show up to, it's what you've been entrusted with - and it's what you trust to our generator sets. Read more...

More Product Announcements from Caterpillar Electric Power