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Reports on advances in power supplies as well as the components and devices used in power conversion, management, and distribution.
Solid State Devices, Inc.

The SDAD series is an example of the HiRel products that SSDI supplies to the military / aerospace industries. Each SDAD assembly generates 2.5 - 15 kV. Its modular design provides flexibility by enabling the easy stacking of one assembly upon another. These controlled avalanche rated assemblies are ideal for HV power generation and control in radar, laser, and piezioelectr... Read more...

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American Power Design, Inc.

The A100 Series high voltage DC/DC converter offers a highly regulated high voltage isolated output in a six-sided metal case. Their high power density, wide input, and excellent regulation make them ideally suited for applications that demand a high degree of performance. All models will tolerate a short circuit indefinitely. Also included is a Pi input filter and remote on/off. Read more...

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Solid State Devices, Inc.

SSDI's High Voltage Products Group develops, manufactures, and markets high voltage discrete rectifiers, assemblies, and power supplies for industrial and aerospace applications. With over 40 years of experience, SSDI's diverse and dedicated team provides custom and standard solutions for your high voltage needs. Read more...

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Acopian Power Supplies

These modular High Voltage supplies may be used as constant voltage or constant current sources. They may be remotely programmed by means of either voltage or resistance, and have provisions for remote monitoring and output inhibiting. Read more...

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Excelitas Technologies Corp.

Excelitas is a leader in providing Capacitor Chargers and Capacitor Charging Power Supplies for a variety of medical, aesthetic, industrial, and pulsed energy applications. Read more...

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Voltage Multipliers, Inc.

The ViPS-40 high voltage power supply is designed to power negative polarity X-ray tubes. The digitally controlled outputs feature a very low ripple and represents a significant improvement over earlier technologies.

Additional features include

  • User-friendly interface
  • PC compatible
  • Digitally controlled inputs
  • Extensive monitoring...

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Voltage Multipliers, Inc.

The ViPS40 high voltage power supply is adjustable to 40kV 4W. It features a user-friendly interface so you don't have to track tube usage and operating conditions. Digital controls mean you can dial in the output voltage and current from your PC, and view readouts on your monitor. Excellent load & line regulation are standard. These power supplies are lightweight, rugged, and compact. Read more...

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Glassman Europe, Ltd.

The 1500 watt FL Series breaks new ground in regulated high voltage DC power supply technology. 1.5 KW in a 1U package is a power density not typically seen in power supplies above 600V. The FL Series provides this high power density up to an amazing 1.5 kV without the reliability issues inherent in connecting multiple low voltage supplies in series to achieve a higher voltage.

Th...

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