CITEL offers of a complete range of Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Surge Arrestors for stand-alone and PC board applications. CITEL's GDT components are made of two or three electrodes in an enclosure filled with a (non-radioactive) rare gas at a controlled pressure. The enclosure is a ceramic tube with its end closed off by metal caps that act as the electrodes. Read more...

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TE Connectivity - Circuit Protection

Helping to protect telecom equipment. Our GDTs offer surge protection over a broad voltage range, and low capacitance and many form factors including new surface-mount devices that make them suitable for many different applications and surge protection on power lines. Their low capacitance also reduces signal distortion.

Our GDTs are commonly used to help protect sensitive... Read more...

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Mouser Electronics, Inc.

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the 2015-Series Gas Discharge Tube Surge Arrestors from Bourns. These new surge arrestors offer a conventional two‑electrode gas discharge tube surge arrestor, in an innovative flat package design. These coin‑shaped surge arrestors are 8mm in diameter and only 1.60mm in height.

The new Bourns 2015-Series Gas Discharge Tube Surge...

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Littelfuse, Inc.

Smaller Footprint Three-Terminal GDT from Littelfuse Protects Communications Equipment from Fast-Rising Transients

Ultra-low capacitance and high surge energy withstanding provide more protection from lightning damage Read more...

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