Despatch - ITW EAE

The PN Series Inert Atmosphere Ovens are designed to accommodate a wide variety of processes where an inert atmosphere is required to prevent product oxidation. Typical applications include curing, bonding and heat treating.

The PN Series contains a digital PID controller that is easy to use and configure saving the operator time. It comes with two temperature ranges and two... Read more...

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Thermotron Industries

Thermotron has Field Service Engineers located across the United States and the U.K. that provide full on-site services when requested. There is also a phone number to call where a Technical Liason Advisor (TLA) can help you troubleshoot a problem before having to call an agent. Read more...

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Cincinnati Sub-Zero

Cincinnati Sub-Zero offers NIST traceable and A2LA Accredited calibration for all makes and models of environmental test chambers, corrosion chambers and liquid baths.

Below is a sample list of the calibration services provided by CSZ. Please contact us with your specific calibration requirements. Read more...

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Cincinnati Sub-Zero

The true cost of capital equipment cannot be measured only by its purchase price. You must also consider the expenses involved in maintenance and repair, parts labor, and the costs associated with downtime of your test chamber. CSZ's service department provides comprehensive chamber maintenance programs to help ensure the performance and longevity of your testing chamber. Read more...

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