Festo Corporation

Festo Corporation - This new, innovative pneumatic control valve combines three control functions into a single compact unit.

The VFOF-LE-BAH valve simplifies assembly and commissioning and saves costs of ordering and logistics. Read more...

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Watts Water Technologies announces its full line of Automatic Control Valves – complete with a wide range of cast iron ACVs and also its newest Stainless Steel Star line. Read more...

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Equilibar, LLC.

Control valve makes controlling low pressure or vacuum levels near atmosphere easier than when using traditional butterfly flow control valves. The HV series responds quickly and automatically to regulate the pressure (or vacuum) in a precise 1:1 relationship with its pilot setpoint pressure. Available in pipe sizes from 2 inch to 6 inch for high flow rates. Read more...

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Ross Controls

The sanitary conditions needed in food and beverage packaging applications demand contaminant-free production so that the end product is safe and pure for consumption. To meet these demands, ROSS offers the Stainless Steel L-O-X® energy isolation valve for reliable operation in washdown applications SEE VIDEO Read more...

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Proportion-Air, Inc.

Closed Loop Pressure Control Devices for the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry relies on precise and high quality testing in the production and performance of their assemblies.

Closed loop control is vital for use in flight simulations and the testing of instrumentation and aircraft systems.

Constant changes in pressure and altitude demand exact instrumentati... Read more...

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HydraCheck Inc.

Our flow control valve consists of a needle valve with an integral check valve. This combination of valves provides regulated flow in one direction and free flow in the opposite direction.

  • Pressures up to 5000 PSI (345 bar).
  • Carbon steel construction.
  • Viton O-rings (Standard).
  • Graduated knob and color-coded spindle to accurately control flow...

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SVF Flow Controls, Inc.

The NEXUS-LPX™ - Nominated for Flow Control Magazine's 2014 Innovative Product of the Year Award! Read more...

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Precise contouring of the V -notch provides excelllent control characterstics for an extensive variety of flow applications.
Splined connection between the shaft and ball ensures precise control and low hysteresis.
Side entry seat retainer design ensures accessible maintenance on seat with easy replacement and repairing.
Rugged self-adjusting metal...

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Barksdale Control Products

You can relax, knowing your BOP control equipment is built with genuine Barksdale Control Products. Accept no substitute! Read more...

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DynaQuip Controls

Whether pre-assembled or custom designed, with electric or pneumatic actuation, DynaQuip Controls offers a wide assortment of automated valves for every application. Read more...

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