Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc.

Unique float design opens as air or gas collects in the valve, closes when liquid returns, allowing continuous expulsion of trace amounts of gas as it occurs. 1/2″ tee connection for virtually any pipe size; offered in a variety of corrosion resistant and ultrapure plastic materials — now including clear Acrylic for easy visual verification of degassing. Read more...

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co-ax valves inc.

For years the fluid power industry has used the cartridge valve as a way to manifold multiple valves into one space saving, pipe-and-fitting saving, installation-labor-saving assembly.

Now process valve users can benefit in similar fashion even when controlling abrasive, non-lubricating fluids, pastes, gels and all types of gases.

Cartridge valves are designed for si...

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BI-TORQ® Valve Automation

BI-TORQ Valve Automation - For valves up to 150 inch pounds of Torque. Heavy Duty Spring Pack. The armed spring pack features weatherproof sealed spring housing and corrosion resistant epoxy paint. Read more...

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Gems Sensors & Controls

Gems Sensors has redesigned its latching valve, making it even more dependable for rugged, low power, remote plunger lift gas well sites. A small voltage pulse allows the valve to change state for controlling the larger main line gas valves. Remote sites require products that perform every day and that’s what this valve was designed for. Try one at your worst site and be impressed! Read more...

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ASCO Valve, Inc.

ASCO's family of modular gas safety shutoff valves now include new low-high-off actuated safety shutoff valves. These compact and high flow valves are ideal for boilers, furnaces, ovens, heating equipment, gas generators, and kilns used in commercial and industrial applications. Read more...

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