ASCO Valve, Inc.

Heavy duty piston valves designed to handle steam, superheated water, and corrosive fluids. Available in normally closed and normally open constructions with Stainless Steel bodies and discs. Read more...

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XOMOX (A Crane Co. Company)

The Xomox Tufline Sleeved Plug valves are available with partial and fully jacketing. The Tufline Jacketed valves provide innovative solutions for handling condensable, solidifying, or highly-viscous commodities such as sulfur, polymers, resins, pitch and other temperature sensitive fluids. Read more...

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co-ax valves inc.

The co-ax® V2 valve is designed to handle the extreme operating conditions encountered in difficult thermal processing applications. The V2 thrives in these applications where precise, repeatable function is demanded under conditions that quickly disable conventional valves. This highly-engineered valve is capable of sustained, reliable operation while handling fluid temperatures up to 752ºF (40... Read more...

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