International Polymer Solutions Inc.

Our H20 Valves are manufactured from corrosion resistant materials such as PVC, Polypropylene and PVDF. Each model is a spring return air actuated design where the spring is isolated from the flowstream by a diaphragm to prevent media contamination.

The Polypropylene configurations are ideal for DI water service.

The PVDF models with Kalrez® O-rings...

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Armstrong International

Emech™ is digital hardware that is faster, simple, and smarter with one goal in mind: unparalleled performance in industrial applications. Emech™ digital control valves are available for steam/water and hot/cold water industrial service. Read more...

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ARI Valve Corporation


The ARI-ASTRA & ASTRA Plus are perfect for heating facilities, air conditioning facilities, etc. Straight through forms with flanged connections. ASTRA temperatures are from -10°C to 300°C. ASTRA-plus from -10°C to 350°C. DN available in DN 15-DN200, DN250-DN400 or DN 15-DN400. Read more...

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On January 4, 2014 the "Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act," more commonly known as the Lead Free law, goes into effect. The new national mandate requires that every pipe, fixture, and fitting used to convey water for potable use contain less than 0.25% of lead by weight. Read more...

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Watts, a Watts Water Technologies Company, introduces the Governor 80M2 Toilet Fill Valve designed to conserve water and protect plumbing systems. The Governor 80M2 valve features a sensor that automatically shuts off water to a leaking flapper to prevent the tank from continuously refilling. Read more...

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ASCO Valve, Inc.

ASCO Numatics offers renowned reliability and performance for fluid automation in water and wastewater treatment. Ideal for new, replacement, or upgrade installations, our products are the choice of specifiers and users worldwide. Read more...

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co-ax valves inc.

The product line FCF / FCF-K is our new generation of externally controlled coaxial valves with orifice sizes ranging from DN 65 up to DN 125 and with flow rates up to 1000 gpm. Read more...

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