SC Hydraulic Engineering Corporation

The AB-7 Series air booster is a compact single acting unit that is an inexpensive alternative for applications requiring up to 680 psi static holding pressures when low lfow is acceptable. The air drive and supply are the same so no extra plumbing in required and no electrical connections are needed. The copact and lightweight size, and ability to operative in any positions, has broad a... Read more...

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Harwood Engineering Company

The Type D-4430 pressure generating unit is the current version of 200,000 psi equipment first supplied in 1948. The output pressure is generated by a Harwood laboratory intensifier driven by a commercially available hand pump. Read more...

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Dellner Brakes AB

The Dellner Hydraulic Power Pack series DH 2000 are available in four different models, each has several different options Read more...

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ITT Compact Automation

CI series Compact Intensifiers are simple generic boosters that utilize a large pneumatic piston to intensify oil pressure with a smaller piston. The Product range includes 24 models. All are designed to be highly space efficient and low weight. The pressure chamber features two large full flow ports for easy filling and bleeding.

The pneumatic actuator is our standard low profile...

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jbj Techniques Limited

Achieve high pressure from low pressure hydraulic power sources.
Advantageous where space is of a premium in existing or new hydraulic circuits.
Expand existing pressure range with minimum effort, minimum cost, maximum effect! Read more...

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