JORC Industrial LLC

  • Ultrasonic leak detection to save money
  • SMT/solid state hybrid heterodyne receiver
  • Supplied in case, complete with headset and rubber focussing probes
  • 20 - 100 kHz frequency response

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BC Filters - A complete ready-to-install compressor intake air filter which combines generous cloth area and high efficiency. Suitable for pre-filtering air for other applications.

Uni-Filters - FLSmidth Uni-Filters provide de-centralized dust collection from widely separated sources, reducing piping and power costs involved in large centralized systems. Read more...

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Protect-Air-by Tri-matic AG

The HoseGuard offers simple but efficient protection to pneumatic systems in the event of a broken compressed air hose or pipe. The air supply is immediately shut off by the HoseGuard, should the volume of air exceed a set value. Read more...

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