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Ofil Ltd.

DayCor® UVollé-X, powerful handheld compact corona cameras offer an optimal combination of performance and price:
- Detect Corona and Arcing in daylight
- High sensitivity to UV
- Spot, shoot, store and play video and stills
- Over 4 hours of battery run time
- Large WVGA Sun readable LCD
- Built-in led flashlight
- Corona counter

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Ofil Ltd.

DayCor Luminar corona camera the most sensitivite UV imager with the most precise optics. T&D engineer find Luminar as the most competent corona & arcing detector. Luminar displays in real time the image of electrical/mechanical failures' location where corona is discharged and its severity. Finding are recorded and saved for dcoumentation, analysis and reports. Read more...

More Product Announcements from Ofil Ltd.