Liqui-Flux Water Modules - Economical Reliability in Ultrafiltration!
Liqui-Flux Ultrafiltration modules represent an economical and reliable solution for your water treatment application.
As an alternative to conventional treatment steps, such as flocculation, sedimentation and multi media filtration, Liqui-Flux Ultrafiltration Modules reliably remove turbidity... Read more...

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Bepex International LLC

Most materials can be successfully treated using one or more of the thermal technologies commercially available today such as direct, indirect and radiant drying. Your process, plant and capital requirements will steer you toward the technology that best fits your application. Read more...

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Wellman Furnaces, Inc.

Wellman Furnaces has an experienced engineering staff capable of providing customers with practical solutions to their thermal processing and industrial heating problems. Read more...

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InCon Process Systems

GIG Karasek also has a special strength in the processing of high-quality materials, as well as their mechanical treatment. GIG Karasek possesses an extraordinary manufacturing depth which is backed up by a permanent culture of tight manufacturing process control. Read more...

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Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactors are used for degassing liquids around the world. They are widely used for O2 removal from water as well as CO2 removal from water. They have displaced the vacuum tower, forced draft deaerator, and oxygen scavengers around the world for over 20 years.

Liqui-Cel®, SuperPhobic®, MiniModule® and MicroModu...

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Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc.

The HENION dicer is not only excellent for dicing compounds and heavily loaded concentrates, but is gaining a reputation for reclaim of processing scrap. Edge trim, rejected sheets can be re-diced, reclaiming the scrap into pellets that have the same characteristics as the original compound. Read more...

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