FKN Systek, Inc.

Now available from 2E SysCom, the F Series 48 pin power DIN rated at 6A per pin. The female connector is available in the standard card cage mountable version and in low profile back plane version. Pin configurations include faston forks which can have the contacts soldered onto the pin or be connected to discrete wiring via faston crimp contact. Read more...

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General Digital Corporation

Dual flip-up LCD monitors, 2U rack mount, integral keyboard and trackball, industrial / military grade, available sunlight readable displays and many more options Read more...

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IRISO U.S.A., Inc.

IRISO U.S.A., Inc., the U.S. Division, one of the leading manufacturers of Board to Board connectors market, has released the 11501 FFC/FPC Auto-lock Connector SERIES. Read more...

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SAB North America

SAB North America offers high quality flexible, continuous flex and torsion Cleanroom cables that are certified to US Federal Standard 209E, Air cleanliness Class 1, EN ISO 14644-1, Air Cleanliness Class 2 as well as being RoHS compliant. Clean Room Cables are available in control and data sizes, high flex and staionary designs. Read more...

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Indukey North America LLC

A number of studies (Neely and Maley 2000, Neely 2000, Neely and Orloff 2001) found that fungi and bacteria survival rates, in particular on plastic surfaces, extended sometimes up to weeks. Based on the result, it was pointed out that computer plastic based hardware serve as reservoir of these microbes.

We recommend our CleanKeys Glass capacitive keyboard with Self-monitoring cle... Read more...

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Scantek, Inc.

Rionote Spectrum Analyzer

RIONOTE consists of a main control unit which can be configured up to 16 channels and can allow measurements to be performed wirelessly. With its large color touch screen and dedicated software, the Rionote is an intuitive, portable and a multi-functional measurement and analysis device. Read more...

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ValueTronics International, Inc.

Keysight Agilent HP E4411B Features:

  • Multiformat RF power measurement suite
  • Four-millisecond RF sweep time
  • ±1.1 dB overall amplitude accuracy
  • Large, high-resolution, color VGA display
  • Rugged, portable, weather-resistant package
  • Five-minute warm up
  • Built-in help button

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Electro Standards Laboratories

Model 7358 allows the sharing of one RJ45/48 T1 Interface Device among two others.

♦ Remote Control via an Ethernet 10/100 Base-T connection and either Telnet commands or GUI.

♦ Software features simple pint and click operation.

♦ IP Addressable!

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