Infolytica Corporation

Infolytica Corporation has released the newest versions of its simulation suite of software: MagNet, ElecNet, ThermNet and OptiNet. Specializing in electromagnetic and electric fields, Infolytica offers easy to use software solutions for engineers searching to reduce cost and obtain a better design. Read more...

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Hypertherm, Inc.

Join us as we bring together two renowned Lean experts Hypertherm Black
Belt and PhD Charlie Hackett and Author Kevin Duggan for this special webinar
that will show you how to take Lean to a whole new level. Read more...

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CST - Computer Simulation Technology

CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) is a specialist tool for the 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation of high frequency components. With unparalleled performance, CST MWS has become a leading tool for engineers in research and development. Read more...

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