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Eaton Filtration

While the nature of pipeline debris – scale, rust,metal and other solids – remains constant, the nature of business for industrial manufacturers is ever-evolving. Time, money and staff resources are limited; water conservation is paramount, and the importance of protecting expensive processing equipment has never been greater. Read more...

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Solar simulator characterization is made easy with the AvaSpec-SolarXM spectroadiometer system. This calibrated system consists of the AvaSpec-ULS2048X16-USB2 back-thinned CCD spectrometer, 2 meter fiber optic, 90 degree cosine receptor, dedicated software application and NIST traceable calibration. The system and software are fully compliant with ASTM method 927-05 for pulsed or steady... Read more...

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Hymark/Kentucky Gauge

The Kentucky Gauge MMP Digital Length Gauge offers a rugged and LOW COST alternative to delicate calipers that often get lost or damaged. Not only does the MMP boast largers anvils than calipers, it is also available in longer lengths and offers an optional non-marring surface for the material to rest while being measured. Thus, eliminating errors from the tool being misaligned with the... Read more...

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Ofil Ltd.

DayCor® UVollé-X, powerful handheld compact corona cameras offer an optimal combination of performance and price:
- Detect Corona and Arcing in daylight
- High sensitivity to UV
- Spot, shoot, store and play video and stills
- Over 4 hours of battery run time
- Large WVGA Sun readable LCD
- Built-in led flashlight
- Corona counter

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Ofil Ltd.

DayCor Luminar corona camera the most sensitivite UV imager with the most precise optics. T&D engineer find Luminar as the most competent corona & arcing detector. Luminar displays in real time the image of electrical/mechanical failures' location where corona is discharged and its severity. Finding are recorded and saved for dcoumentation, analysis and reports. Read more...

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Ofil Ltd.

Ofil's DayCor Luminar incorporates wide and narrow FOVs in one camera to enable inspection of nearby and remote electrical components. Luminar is the most sensitive daytime corona camera used by maintenance task force for predictive maintenance. Luminar pinpoints partial discharge occurrences and is used to visualize failure in their early stages. Read more...

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The Lancom 4 Portable Gas Analyser provides accurate and repeatable measurements of NO, NO2 and total NOx levels which allows the plant to improve quality ensures good product. Read more...

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he Lancom 4 offers the best accuracy available from a portable gas analyser, achieved by using an advanced sample conditioning system. Read more...

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Single-use glass ampoule (ampule or ampulla) packages are disposable vials used for dispensing a variety of precious liquid products. Crushable glass ampoule blanks provide a tamper resistant package that is disposable, safe, and economical. Glass ampoules can be easily sterilized. The inert properties of glass ensure your liquid is safe from contamination. Read more...

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Product Description

Disposable Marked Glass Micropipettes are precision ID capillaries cut to length for consistent fill volumes.

Marked Micropipettes confirm to the following specifications:

  • The nominal OD varies depending on the product but all tolerances are ± 0.002"
  • The Lengths are all 5.000"? 0.010"
  • Accuracy: T.C.± 1....

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