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Products, equipment and solutions used in laboratories for the preparation, separation and analysis of samples.
Knight Optical (UK) Ltd.

Knight Optical is excited to offer our range of affordable and durable mini spectrometers for laboratory and field applications. Our spectrometers contain no moving parts or detector sockets and are enclosed in a rugged aluminium case for unmatched durability and quality that outperforms any alternative instrument in its class. Read more...

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Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

Shimadzu’s Simultaneous ICPE-9800 enables high-speed simultaneous analysis of multiple elements regardless of concentration levels while significantly reducing operating costs. Read more...

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Can't get enough Atomic Emission Spectroscopy? Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is a form of atomic emission spectroscopy! Avantes works with researchers and OEM's around the world on LIBS spectroscopy solutions. LIBS uses a powerful laser pulse to atomize and excite atoms. LIBS uses focused light to form the excitation plasma offering many advantages over conventional sources... Read more...

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HORIBA Scientific

High resolution, high sensitivity and high stability ICP-OES spectrometer. The Ultima Expert offers the highest performance on the market and is specially designed to handle the most challenging applications. Read more...

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Spectro Scientific

Spectro Scientifc's Spectroil Q100 uses the same technology and design concepts that Spectro has successfully applied over the years to the Spectroil M family of spectrometers. It is the next step in design and performance utilizing the most up-to-date solid-state electronics and optical systems. Read more...

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Oxford Instruments

Oxford instruments has launched a new mobile OES analyser PMI-MASTER Compact.

The PMI-MASTER range of Oxford Instruments' mobile (OES) optical emission spectrometers are used for the precise analysis of key elements, rapid material verification, positive materials identification (PMI) and sorting of different metals. Read more...

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