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Smith & Loveless, Inc.

The patented FAST® Process stands for "Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment," a fixed-film, aerobic treatment system designed for tackling variable load and flow conditions. Proven in thousands of installations worldwide, FAST® consists of tankage packed with completely submerged media. Read more...

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Smith & Loveless, Inc.

The PISTATURBO Grit Washer uses TRI-CLEANSE TECHNOLOGY to produce clean grit while minimizing the odor caused by putrescible organics and the costs associated with growing landfill restrictions. Smith & Loveless PISTA TURBO Grit Washer featuring TRI-CLEANSE TECHNOLOGY boasts a sleek, compact design with a similar Read more...

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Smith & Loveless, Inc.

Smith & Loveless offers a complete range of aerobic, biological wastewater treatment systems to meet the varied needs of industry, commercial facilities, municipalities, and private development. Our broad system list ranges from innovative membrane bioreactors, patented sludge busting biological processes, and complete extended aeration plants. Read more...

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Fortrans Inc.

The Fortrans, Inc.® Model 5000M pH monitor and data logger system is a top-quality industrial process water pH monitoring system with built-in data logging capabilities. This pH monitor ensures that wastewater is being discharged under the legal limit for pH. Read more...

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Alfa Laval Inc.

MBR cost issues solved

MBR is today known as the most advanced treatment technology within municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. However, until now it has also been known for being more costly to install and operate, due to more complicated plant layout and higher maintenance requirements. Now, for the first time, there is an alternative which has addressed these issues. Read more...

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AS Filtration, LLC

Your cooling tower is home to hidden savings opportunities that significantly reduce energy and water consumption in your facility. Over time, patchwork repairs, general neglect, or changes in facility needs mean your cooling tower may not be operating in top form. Read more...

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Metalfab, Inc.

Metalfab Water and Wastewater Systems Suitable for a Wide Range of Treatment Applications

Metalfab Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems combine a rugged, durable Bin Activator with a secondary baffle that vibrates at a separate amplitude to guarantee continuous flow of product, and a MetaTech™ Feeder (with only 2 or 3 moving parts for simple maintenance) and... Read more...

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GIG Karasek, LLC

Plant design, process optimization and energy efficiency for the paper and pulp industry are a core competence of GIG Kaasek. With us, you choose a company that constantly grows with the market changes. Based on many years of experience in plant engineering, we are able to identify improvements and opportunities, as well as to plan and implement appropriate solutions for any existing pla... Read more...

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GIG Karasek, LLC

GIG Karasek develops and implements plants and equipment for waste water treatment and recovery of substances.For the treatment of waste water, we develop individual concepts for plant systems on the basis of a actual analyses of your personal plant situation.

Our reference applications for waste water treatment:

  • Inorganic wastewater
  • Wastewater fat mel...

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Linde North America, Inc.

Linde's environmental solutions can be found throughout the water cycle, from drinking water to waste water to even ponds, lakes, and streams. Linde's SOLVOX® series of equipment is an efficient means to dissolve oxygen in various applications during water treatment processes. Read more...

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