Infinity Fluids Corp.

Infinity's Air and Gas heaters were designed for economy in the most demanding applications. Our patented heater design allows you to decrease the size, weight and cost of your equipment or process. From Ultra-Pure Teflon heaters to industrial process heaters, Infinity has the right unit for far less. Read more...

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For best results when molding chocolate, it is necessary to temper the molds to 90°F before filling with syrup. The previous heating system utilized steam radiation with forced air circulation and resulted in poor operating conditions. Temperatures were not easily controlled and condensation was a problem.

The Solution
Installing a 50 kW Chromalox forced air duct h... Read more...

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Armstrong International

Heavy-duty, portable Armstrong Hot Bin Heaters provide an effective way to heat bins, silos and other hard-to-access areas within a food facility. These cost-effective heaters are ideal for heat treatment for insect control, temporary comfort heat and freeze protection. And because the heat is ducted, Hot Bin Heaters can distribute heat to multiple areas from a single heater. Read more...

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Pfannenberg Inc.

Formation of condensation is one of the biggest dangers for electrical enclosures. Pfannenberg offers a wide variety of FLH Series Control Cabinet Heaters which can be used with a thermostat and hygrostats from the FLZ Series for total condensate protection. Read more...

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Hotwatt, Inc.

The Air Process heater will provide hot air and gas up to 1000°F (540°C) with infinite control by varying the voltage and air velocity supplied. Can be manufactured with male or female NPT threaded fittings, hose adaptors, flanges, or custom fittings to your specifications. Read more...

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